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nose surgery

One of the contention in rinologia is beauty with operation protection.breathing is important physiologic operation in human body and for nose too rinologist art is protection of future of beauty and nose operation the new rinologia make possible access to the most delicate of nose elements with minimum of tissue damage and advanced methods.

Ear surgery

1- hearing more than six months combined reduction exit pust tympanoplasty repair the eardrum (tympanoplasty If more than six months with a ruptured eardrum and hearing loss purulent discharge requires surgery to repair the eardrum (tympanoplasty )is.
2- In case of loss of ear surgery, ear surgery ...if conductive hearing loss due to ear problems: If the bones are bones of conductive hearing loss caused by problems.
3- Cosmetic surgery ear to ear...cosmetic surgery because of congenital deformities or traumatic accident (Atuplasty): Cosmetic surgery of congenital ear deformity or trauma due to an accident (Atuplasty)
4- Reconstructive surgery due to lack of...reconstructive surgery due to the absence of tulips and canal (urykuluplasty) due to the absence of tulips and reconstructive surgery of the ear canal (urykuluplasty) surgery for skin cancer and ear canal of the tulip.
5- Surgery for skin cancer, skin cancer tulips and canal...Surgery for skin cancer, skin cancer tulips and canal surgery to repair it.

Throat Surgery

Nose & Throat problems may be caused by infection or inflammatory disease or the tumor is.
1- Common surgical procedures in the throat and neck are:1.Tonsillectomy and adenoids surgery of the soft palate, tongue and small for snoring
3-Thyroid surgery
4-Larynx surgery
5-Surgery of the soft palate and uvula for snoring
6-Neck tumors surgery.